Praying for patience

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 23rd March) we will be running a short time of prayer live on Facebook. Click here to join us from 7pm GMT.

One thing we’ve been posting about in the Football Fellowship group today is the need to pray that managers, directors and fans will be patient with players who are out of form.

Football is full of supporting evidence for the benefits of patience. For example, it took Jurgen Klopp four years to build a Liverpool side that could win the Premier League title. The average tenure for a Premier League manager is less than two years! Impatience is causing so many players and fans to miss out on glory… and yet it is rife.

Join us tomorrow to pray for patience in football… or anything you like. Let’s get into the habit of praying for those matters when we feel we lack patience; we are exasperated by others lacking patience; or we know a situation is outside our control. Let’s talk to God about football!

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